Dr. Osborne Buchanan, Jr.

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Serving the Lord and His Servants

It is the earnest desire of Osborne Buchanan that “in all things He might have the preeminence” (Colossians 1:18b).  He counts it a privilege to serve the Lord and His faithful servants as a good steward of the expertise that God has given to him.

He has served as a pastor, mission agency administrator, counselor, and chaplain.  He is available for supplying a pulpit, assisting a church-related ministry organization, or encouraging a Christian


Consider how he might best serve you, your organization or ministry, or your local church.  He would welcome an inquiry from you.  Additional information is available upon

Ready To Serve . . .

Ministries Available to Churches

Pulpit supply – preaching when the regular pastor is vacationing or taken ill


Pulpit ministry – Bible exposition, topical messages on missions, prayer, or a
requested topic


Interim pastorate – assistance when a church is between pastors


Pastoral staff ministry – service as Pastor of Administration and Missions or Pastor of


Pastoral assistance – connecting pastors seek-ing a church and churches seeking a pastor


Church board and committee assistance


Church evaluation – how a person would respond when visiting a church

Missions emphasis – how to develop a mission program in the local church, hold a
missionary conference, promote missions effectively, develop a missions policy

Services similar to those for mission agencies

Seminars on Missions

Topics available include the following:


“From Here to There – Steps to the Mission Field” – This will include “How To Select a Mission Board.”


“The Biblical Basis for Missions”


“Organizing and Promoting a Missions Program in the Local Church”


“The Inner Workings of the Church Missions Committee”


“Preparation for the Mission Field”


“Trends in Missions”


“A Brief Look at the History and Geography of Missions”


“What Are the 10/40 and Similar Windows?”


Other topics, as requested


Publication development


Editorial services, including proofreading


News, feature, and business writing


Book research and writing

Ministries Available to Mission Agencies

Organizational structure – how to function efficiently and effectively


The agency office – how to maximize its ministry and services


Organizational leadership – service as a CEO, COO, or similar post when a leader suddenly has to leave the scene or between leaders


Practical pointers in dealing with government agencies in such areas as taxes, exempt status, and visas


Practical pointers in handling postal, telecom- munication, and similar services


Affiliations and relationships – how to become part of agency associations or the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)


Organizational review – goals and programs


Effective management principles seminar


Development of viable programs for candi-date orientation


Development of in-service sessions for workers


Development of a library and archives

Development of viable public relations, including the holding of banquets and major events

Basic stewardship concerns

Educational Ministries

Teaching of Sunday School or Vacation Bible School classes – primarily for adults, young adults, students, and youth groups


A class or series of classes on a Bible book, missions, or requested topic for study


Seminars on missions and Christian education topics for a church or organization


Teaching on the college or secondary school levels in several subject areas as a regular, adjunct, or substitute faculty member or teacher


Assistance in the development or operation of a resource center (library)


Chapel speaker – speaking on missions or a desired topic


Consultant to staff of an educational institution

Special Services for Christian Workers

Pastor to pastors


Counselor to missionaries


Prayer partnership


Assistance to missionary appointees


Counseling for students




Assistance with tax, visa, and financial issues


Assistance in preparation for ordination,

commissioning, or licensure


Service as a supervisor for an independent study or outside consultant for a project being done in a graduate level academic program


Direction to sources in a variety of fields


Information about pre-paid legal services*


Information about identity theft restoration*


Information about periodical subscriptions*


Information about helpful web sites


*Dr. Buchanan is able to represent companies
  that handle these areas.

Seminar Series on Personal Management

Personal orientation


Personal resources:


Time – effective time management


Treasures – financial management


Talents – skills and abilities


Tools – aids for ministry


Personal communication


Personal development


Also available are a devotional message series on “Principles of Management as Illustrated by the Word of God” and Bible book studies on Philippians, James, and Nehemiah.